[Original][Natalie] When That Time Comes

I thought I’d managed to delete this thread, but it remains. Anyway, I’ve updated with the latest version, so if you’ve had a visit of this thread before already, please have a listen to this version, probably the last to appear for a while (still not totally happy with drums).

Words by MacNaughton Park, Music and production by me.

Struggled with this one for a long time, I think because its so long (almost 7 minutes). Started working on it with Solaria, but then when Natalie came along, I thought she’d be perfect for it.

Natalie’s voice is so smooth.

Interestingly, it didn’t work with Natalie when I first started with it. The reason was that it was getting to the real bottom of her range. I put it all up a couple of tones, and now it sounds really natural for her to sing. She belts it (as much as Natalie ever belts it) in the last minute and a half.