Bigger font. More readable GUI (high contrast between font and background)

I have problems with the current GUI. (1) Too low a contrast between text and the background Some grey colours used on black background is not acceptable. It is hard to read. (2) Font is too small. A bigger font, or a way to set a preferred font size in the Settings, is strongly desired. Particularly when I want to set/edit lyrics with Cmd-L, the letters in the dialog box are too small to comfortably deal with.


I would like some bigger font settings as well.

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Same here… I use a 50" Smart TV as my monitor, because I like to sit a bit away from the screen (Avoiding to much radiation) and the need for bigger font is obvious… Also, when scaling the UI, much is outside the screen, so it needs a sliding bar to slide from side to side and up and down to see the whole screen…

Also, it would be good to be able to scroll Piano Roll with just the mouse (by holding down mouse left button on the Piano Roll and then move the mouse pointer to up/down and right/left), not just by SHIFT+mouse-wheel. This is just a standard convention. The mouse pinter changes to the shape of a hand while the left button is kept down.

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Plus one for requesting larger font size. These 64 year old eyes are going to struggle otherwise :slight_smile:


Hear, hear.

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