How to make Saki breath out?

I only know how to make her breath in using “br”.

Currently there are four ways to do this (that I’m aware of).

  1. the hh phoneme, which is a fully devoiced aspirate sound, but tends to be more of a “hiss” than a “sigh”. the results of this can vary a lot between different voices.

  2. a fully devoiced note (by reducing the voicing parameter to zero) works really well in some cases. the problem here is that AI voices often still partially voice the phoneme anyway, even when voicing is at zero, so it’s not reliable.

  3. extending the end of a note and devoicing the “tail” of it works well, however doesn’t work for standalone sounds.

  4. probably the most reliable method, use the br phoneme to create an inhalation sound with an exaggerated pitch and loudness curve, and then reverse the waveform in your DAW (exhalations tend to drop in loudness and pitch over their duration, whereas inhalations tend to increase). Remember to also adjust breathiness and tension parameters (you’re going to reverse it later, so start with low tension and increase it, which will result in reducing tension over its duration after being reversed).

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Thank you very much. Looks a bit tough but I’ll definitely use the last solution.

Small update/revision to my previous reply. This might be new with more recent versions, but in the past few days I’ve revisited the hh method and found it working more reliably (at least in 1.8.0b1) than the past times I’ve tried it.

It still seems pretty dependent on the voice being used, but just putting it on the end of a note produces a pretty good result with Solaria, Yuma, and Mai, though it doesn’t sound quite as good with some others who still produce more of a “hiss” than a “sigh”.

Sadly using hh on its own sounds more like a variation of br, so this method also only works as a tail to other notes if the goal is an exhalation sound.


Thank you very much for updating.