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Claire…You guys have a wonderful product…congrats…the best of the best…However, while the results
can be truly amazing (if you know how to do it)…I must say that it is as well the least friendly piece of
software I have ever seen…This is so highly specialized and so unique, it obviously requires unique and
unusual approach to it…A number of things are obvious…but when you get into the “details”…it becomes
a stack of hays looking for this of that needle… How unfortunate that such a brilliant software is so hard
to learn properly…Just one case in point…“phonemes viewer”…it’s indispensable to achieve success…
Where is it? How can I access it so I take full advantage of it? It may be somewhere (or maybe not anymore)…who knows? it’s impossible (for me) to locate…it used
to exist in earlier versions…but now?.. and many, many little but important things like this…Does
anyone at Dreamtonics care about it? I was so excited at the beginning but so disappointed now…
Is there anything that can be done in this respect? Sorry, nothing personal…but still…Thank you
for your patience and understanding…Gabriel PS. It helps no one if you keep it there in your head…
You need to disseminate that knowledge so everyone can enjoy it…Otherwise it’s completely useless…

Welcome to the forums. To be clear, I am not affilitated with Dreamtonics, I’m just a user who likes to help out when people have questions.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Sadly the online product documentation is rather out of date and still refers to the old “1st-generation” editor, not SynthV Studio (they are different applications).

For users who can read Japanese, there is a user guide sold by AHS. I do not know exactly what is included in the guide, but it’s currently the most up-to-date official resource.
Physical (bundle with SynthV Studio Pro): AHSストア
Ebook: https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/藤本-健-ebook/dp/B09CGJBRY1

There is no in-app phoneme viewer for SynthV Studio. You can see the full list in the main post of this guide: [Guide] Entering lyrics & phonemes for better pronounciation & timing, and how to use dictionaries

We have requested for a long time that Dreamtonics provide updated documentation, so hopefully they are working on it.


I looked up the release date. It has been over 2 years… :sweat_smile:

Thank you for your quick response…sorry I had no idea you are one of us…You come through as a
more “in the know” voice, more akin to a moderator…so I apologize for my mistake…But isn’t this
such a shame that we have such marvelous tools provided to us…and yet not given virtually any kind
of knowledge of how to use them? We just want to drive this car and not build it…we are not mechanics
but simple drivers…all we need is to know how to drive and get from A to B…When I listen to most
of the covers or originals on the web, I hardly can believe how natural and human they sound…so it
is possible for sure…but how?..It’s like learning a new language without any help at all…that’s too bad…
I guess I’ll have to contact the head office and cry on some shoulders…maybe they’ll react somehow…
Nice talking to you Claire and I hope we’ll have more help in this direction soon…Best regards…Gabriel

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The Germans did it.

There is also this video series by Dreamtonics, however I know some users find it frustrating that there is no narration, and the user interface is in Japanese: