Italian SynthV gen2 engine translation

hi everyone! ^^
i made a synthv gen2 engine italian translation
here’s the link:it-it.txt - Google ドライブ
to use it, follow these steps
step 1: dowload it
step 2: copy it to the C:\Users[username]\Documents\Dreamtonics\Synthesizer V Studio\translations folder or move it there
step 3: just a quick check it’s copied correctly, you can skip if you want
step 4: go to C:\Users[username]\Documents\Dreamtonics\Synthesizer V Studio\settings folder and edit the settings.xml file’s ‘General interfaceLanguage’ value with ‘it-it’ instead of your selected language
step 5: save it, if it gets corrupted and/or deleted just copy the sane file and rename it ‘settings.xml’
step 6: just a quick check if it’s changed correctly, you can skip but i raccomend you don’t
step 7: congrats! you’ve made it!
step 8: open synthv gen2 engine, everything should be in italian. if not, go to settings (application settings though, not from the folder) and change the language to “Italian”
you’ve made it! yayyyyyy :DDDDD


It’s a good starting point. Come on :+1: