Measure numbers incorrect when time signature is, e.g,. 3/4, etc.

It seems Synthesizer V does not show correct measure numbers (or bar numbers), when the time signature is not 4/4. For example, when the MIDI had time signature 3/4 or 12/8, it showed wrong measure/bar number count. This is annoying, since I am looking at lyrics on the printed or PDF scores and counting bars or measures in Synthesizer V. They don’t match.

The measure numbers reflect the time signature set in the Piano Roll.

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The piano role measure numbers should be set from the MIDI file. However, the problem is that Synthesizer V Piano Roll did not set time signature the same as MIDI after importing the MIDI, except when it is 4/4. Measure numbers are correct when MIDI uses 4/4. But, neither 3/4 or 12/8 worked.

Time signatures are not imported from MIDI. The only reason 4/4 “worked” is because the project is set to 4/4 by default.

To set the time signature, double click on it or right click and select “Set Time Signature”.


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Hi, Thanks for that. However, setting Time Signature manually in cases of MIDI imports is rather non-intuitive and inconvenient. Because, time signatures and speeds (tempos) change over a piece. MIDI tempos are imported correctly but not the time signature: Isn’t it inconsistent? And setting time signature alone manually could be rather hazardous (?)

Yes, of course it would be more convenient if it could be imported from the MIDI.

Your original post said you were struggling because the measure numbers did not match your sheet music, so I was explaining how to resolve the problem.

You can use the same right click method I showed above at different locations, you do not need to have the same time signature or tempo for the entire duration of the project.

One limitation is that tempo changes in SynthV Studio cannot be done gradually, only in stepwise manner.

It is easy to get lost when the measure numbers are not the same as the score/music sheet, which has lyrics. However, as you said, I could set the Time Signature manually and get the correct measure numbers (as a way around it). Tempo changes are usually note-by-note (stepwise) with digital music sheet software, and Synth V does the same, I presume. By any rate, Synth V gets Tempo from MIDI but not Time Signature is a bug. Why get one right but not the other?

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