Please help, spending ages trykng to get SynthV to install language packs

I’ve downloaded both Studio Basic and the trail,

Studio has recognized the spvk files but the version I really need (that links to my DAW) does not have any voices despite trying.

Is there a fool proof way to simply get the trial version to work with new voices and link to my DAW?

I’ve just installed vocaloid without issue, what have I done wrong here

You need the Pro edition to use SynthV Studio as a VST. You can see the full list of differences between Basic and Pro on the store page: Synthesizer V Studio Pro - Dreamtonics Store

If the application you downloaded has this icon then you have installed the discontinued “1st-generation” version of Synthesizer V, which is not compatible with voice databases created for Synthesizer V Studio.

This is the logo for Synthesizer V Studio, the current software product from Dreamtonics.

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Thank you. Where can I download the latest Studio Pro version (and the voicebanks) to try/trial the VST version properly? I thought I had it, but I definitely have that old logo.

PS I downloaded Vocaloid 6, a very simply process to install, trial and use but once I heard some of the demo English voice banks (Kevin etc) I needed to try this! So far though, the process has been ‘surprisingly’ difficult.

To be clear, there is no trial of the Pro version of SynthV Studio. The free Basic edition serves as the demo/trial version for the product.

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Thank you, Claire.