Medium5 "Plus" Voicebanks - proposed alternate release

I read somewhere that someone had messaged Medium 5 about their plus voicebanks, and Medium 5 said that they would not be releasing them because they were not up to Dreamtonics voicebank standards. I have a proposition for this, why not release them as free trial banks for pro users? People already like the Medium 5 vocals and if they knew that they would get them for free if they bought pro, they would be incentivized to buy Pro. They could become “default vocals” of the sort, being somewhere between lites and a full bank. I know a lot of people looking forward to these banks and it would be a shame to not release them.

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I would love to see them made available somehow, though I also know that it can be difficult to explain the distinction between different product types (just look at how many people get confused between R1 and Studio).

Dreamtonics might be concerned that releasing them as free “default vocals” could misrepresent the product, especially if they are noticeably lower quality than the newly introduced Mai voice database, which is free for Pro edition users.

Releasing them for free might also hurt future sales of the existing Standard voice databases.

Still hoping for an AI/Plus version of Shian someday though :pray:


In my opinion, ditch the standard voice databases and replace with better AI ones. The standard voices are great but only in Chinese. If MEDIUM5 still wants to sell standard voices, they can call the AI ones something like HaiYi AI or Chiyu AI.

But for real, I really want Xingchen Minus and HaiYi AI. Because first of all, Haiyi is such a great character with a wonderful voice, and secondly, I want Xingchen minus because I love how she has that kafu sound and pairs so well with Xingchen. I also want to make songs with Xingchen and Xingchen minus as I like to think of them as the same person, just minus is the evil twin/side of Xingchen infinity.