Feature Request - Ability to set scale in the piano roll and have the notes in the scale highlighted

I am new to SynthV so I apologize if this is already possible.

I would like the ability to select a scale (Am, Eb, etc) and have the notes of the selected scale highlighted/shaded in the piano roll window. This would make it easier to select the proper pitches as you program in the notes of your melody.


Hi… Welcome to the forum. This is a good suggestion. It’s funny, this was my first observation too (actually I wanted the note to play when clicked/highlighted). I have to say that using Synth V has been a revelation. Despite some UI flaws it really is magic.

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I would also love to see this included!

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For now, use your imagination :slight_smile:

I create a track with my scale.
In my example you see the C major scale over an octave (I normally use all octaves, but for the example just one is enough).
Then on the track of our favorite singer, you will see the highlight scale appear in the background :slight_smile:
Tadaaaaammmm, it’s magic :slight_smile:

I have no doubt that Kanru will add scale and Harmonisation tools features to us in future updates, meanwhile let’s use our imaginations folks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

ps : my english is very bad, :slight_smile:


Came here to say this!

Too late :sweat_smile:

Thank you for this suggestion as a work-a-round. I appreciate your help.


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I use the scale highlighting feature in FL Studio quite often so it would definitely be nice to also have it in SynthV Studio.

For the meantime I’ve taken the workaround proposed here and made a script for Pro users that will generate a “key reference” track.

It will generate a track with marker notes for your selected scale, and upon rerunning the script it will extend those notes to match the duration of the project. If you want to change the key, manually delete the key reference track before rerunning the script.


Thank you so much for writing this script and sharing it with us. I appreciate it.

Nice work Claire, thanks!

Perfect! Thanks!

Great!!! Thank you Claire~