Can neither activate nor deactivate (on other computer)

Something is competely broken with the authentication system: I have Synth-V Studio (1.7.1) installed on my stationary Windows PC and on my Windows laptop, and now I am trying to activate it on my MacBook Pro (as it says in the registration mail that the code can be used on three devices at most). But it won’t accept the code, instead it says:

“This activation code is being used on another device”

This is nonsense, of course, but since I don’t know what else to do (the support has not been very helpful so far), I tried to deactivate the software on my Windows laptop - but again, no success, It won’t let me deactivate it, it simply does nothing when I click on the “deactivate” button.

Has anybody experienced this before, and is there any known solution/workaround?


Technically while you do have three activations, the license agreement only allows one device at any given time. The extra activations are intended to account for accidental loss or hardware failure.

That said, it is clear you are experiencing strange behavior if you have only ever used one activation and cannot use a second, as well as if you are unable to reclaim the original activation.

I don’t recall anyone having the deactivate button do literally nothing, that is especially odd, but some other users have encountered issues with only being able to use the first activation.

I would recommend contacting support ([email protected]). Keep in mind Dreamtonics is located in Japan so there may be a significant time zone difference, and it is nearly the weekend, so it may take a few days to get a response.

Thanks for your quick response! I interpret “one device at a given time” as “cannot run (= be opened) on multiple devices simultaneously”. It should be possible to use it on multiple (= 3) devices, though, provided that only one instance is running at any given time.

Please correct me, if I’m getting this wrong!

But, even if that’s the case, I should be able to deactivate the software on my Windows PC and activate it on the MacBook instead (and there should be no limit in terms of how often I can deactivate/reactivate the software I bought, but that’s a different story).

The exact wording in license-en.txt (in the installation directory) is as follows:

8 The license granted by us to the user allows the product to be installed only on one computer. The user shall not install the product on multiple computers with a single license.

9 You may transfer the product to another computer without obtaining a new license. However, you must delete the product completely from any computer on which it is already installed.

It is still possible to activate on multiple devices at the same time, but could include some risk.

Yes, that is correct, that is how it is supposed to work. If you explain that you have only ever used your activation once and cannot deactivate on the old device or reactivate on the new device, hopefully Dreamtonics support should be able to assist.

I have found that the Deactivate button will be unresponsive if the software is currently checking for updates (such as within the first 10-20 seconds after launching the application), however it worked once I tried again after that process had completed.

I’d like to buy and run SynthV on my Macbook and Windows PC. I’m used to deactivating EastWest on one machine, then activating on another machine. A bit of a pain but the East West licence only allows a single machine to be used. BUT! surely Dreamtonics don’t expect the user to fully uninstall the software on a machine before using it on another? If it only works like that then they’ve lost a sale. They do appear somewhat paranoid.