1.8.0 bugs (partial fix in 1.8.1b1) - Always checks for updates on startup, and multiple issues with dialog boxes

I’ve encountered a few issues with 1.8.0b1 so far:

  1. Even with “Automatically check for updates” disabled in the Settings panel, the application still checks for updates on startup

  2. It is now impossible to focus a dialog box without clicking on it. Previously we could press tab twice to enter the first input and start typing, however now this does not work and the input must be clicked with the mouse to start typing. Trying to use alt+tab shows that the dialog is the active window, however no interaction is possible with the keyboard until an input control is clicked.

  3. Additionally, enter and esc no longer submit and close the open dialog (even if one of the inputs is already focused!), meaning the user must click a button with the mouse to return to the main application.



Update: All three of these issues are still present in version 1.8.0.


As of version 1.8.1b1, updates are still checked for on startup, even if the setting is not enabled.

Dialog boxes can now be submitted with “enter” and aborted with “esc”, and the text box in the lyric entry dialog (ctrl+L) is focused immedately upon opening.

It is still not possible to focus the text input of a custom dialog opened by a script without using the mouse, and once a text input is selected the enter key no longer submits the form and the user must press tab to navigate to the “OK” button manually (during which there is no visual indicator of which field is currently focused).

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