How can I reset all settings for a vst project?

So I am trying Mai on an existing project, and my first try it didn’t sound as good as the examples. I then tried a few notes in the standalone editor, and it is completely different, in terms of pitch movement, etc. Is there a way to have all the Notes in a project go back to defaults?

When you say “tried a few notes” what do you mean? Did you load the same SVP in the standalone editor, or did you enter the notes manually? Were they the same notes or completely different?

Additionally, is Instant Mode turned on?

To “reset” a project without deleting the notes:

  1. Disable Instant Mode
  2. Select all the notes on a track with ctrl+A
  3. Modify → Reset Pitch
  4. Modify → Reset Timing and Phonemes
  5. Open the Note Properties panel and change any sliders that say “multiple values” so that all notes have the same value
  6. In the AI Retakes menu change “Expressiveness” for timbre to default (pitch AI Retakes will be disabled with Instant Mode turned off)
  7. If you have made any other parameter changes (tension, etc.), select it via the parameters panel and delete all points with ctrl+A → delete
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