Need Vertical Scale Up/Down in Piano Roll / ピアノロールで垂直の拡大縮小がしたい

I need vertical scale up/down in piano roll in order to tune pitch line in detail. couldnt find how and maybe synthV doesnt have that feature. could you please consider add such feature in future update?



Agreed, we got global UI scaling but more options are sorely needed (related topic: Feature Request: Scaleable UI / text).

One current option for more “resolution” when drawing pitch lines is to drag the parameter panel up so it shows over the piano roll. I know it’s not as easy as drawing directly on the piano roll, but it’s partly transparent so you can still see the note timings, and by disabling the x2/x4 option the curves become very exaggerated and easy to fine-tune.


thank you. i tried a script which scale up/down selected notes, and the option you suggested. it will be the best if pitch lines exactly match piano roll’s pitch but until developer add such feature, this will be better solution.