Just me ranting about how good Xingchen's voice has gotten with the 1.8.0 update (Voice Version 106)

With the Synthesizer V 1.8.0 update, the AI features have been more refined and Xingchen was given HDVM-like features with her 106b1 update. With that said her voice quality has gotten better than the last 1.7.0 update where her voice version was at 102.

So, what did this update do to Xingchen’s voice to make it sound better than the last update? Below is a list of things I have found about Xingchen’s voice update.

1- The voice is clearer and richer with less “scratchy” noise (this can happen often when using the cool vocal mode or using negative tension bellow -10)

2- Bellow C4 sounds less scratchy and clearer. There is the growl/grumble sound as her voice doesn’t usually go down that low, but it is clearer now.

3- Xingchen was given HDVM capabilities which I have tried and HOLLY JESUS she sounds so much better and dynamic. Her falsettos are much better as her old falsettos were thing and airy, now they are full and can change the fullness depending on how high the note is in relation to other notes. The HDVM capabilities also allow her to have a better voice bellow C4 and allow C6 to sound better and not just an airy voice.

4- With SynthV 1.8.0, the AI system used for pitch and HDVM was changed and it’s actually better than the last system. In Xingchen’s case as she was known to already have good AI pitch capabilities than other voices, this update made her pitch rendering so much more realistic without sounding off pitch.

So overall this update is a win with a lot of pros than any cons I could find for myself. So, if you own Xingchen and haven’t used her in a while, then I think you should start using her again. :blush: