ASTERIAN - new masculine voice database by Eclipsed Sounds

Eclipsed Sounds has just uploaded a new demo song by nostraightanswer featuring SOLARIA and their upcoming voice database ASTERIAN.

ASTERIAN is an upcoming English native AI vocalist that provides professional quality vocals for your projects whenever they are needed. Featuring a smooth bass range and emotive higher register

The character mascot is by Superstellar, and the voice provider is Eric Hollaway.

ASTERIAN’s voice source is professional voice actor and classically trained oktavist singer Eric Hollaway. Eric’s deep and resonant tone has played a part in countless productions across a variety of genres and purposes - from engaging narration for commercials to his iconic role as part of the DOOM Eternal OST.

Pre-orders for ASTERIAN open on November 18.


A male voice that doesn’t sound like a hyped up teenage cartoon boy!


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Here’s his silhouette and concept logo for anyone who wants to see it right away~

asterian concept logo


Wow he sounds great! Thanks for posting this.


Just stumbled upon him! His voice is so rich and deep! Can’t wait to see more from him! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


Some more tidbits every time Eclipsed Sounds tweets something lol

He is indeed themed on the moon, just like how SOLARIA is the sun.

They’re still working on his auto pitch tuning and instant mode.

Omitted from OP, they mentioned that his voice is “hard-to-find”, which i think we can all agree with regarding at least commercial voice synthesis. This is just reaffirming Eclipsed Sounds committing to diversifying the lineup.

Release date will be talked about hopefully by this week.

He’s getting at least 4 more demos and bonus content

He will be getting an FAQ

They actually confirmed that he was made possible through SOLARIA’s sales, which is wonderful to hear~

Regarding the pricings and how he’s gonna be sold, they want to reveal more later, but at the very least, we know that his pre-order will be discounted. There will be a discount if you buy both him and SOLARIA. However, there’s no bundle pack with him and the editor at pre-order. They weren’t able to confirm if he’ll be on Dreamtonics to do that or not, so let’s not assume it quite yet/

Lites are confirmed

Limited physical copies will run during pre-order. Once they run out, he will not be restocked.

Name pronunciation, though ES doesn’t mind how you say the name


Ready for tomorrow? Here’s a rundown of what to expect, from the demo and visual reveal to the pre-ordering both digital options and LIMITED physicals (200 total stock)

For users who don’t have SOLARIA yet and are interested in both vocalists, there will be a 25% off discount once you have both in the cart! Or if you wanted SOLARIA’s physicals, there’s a limited stock of 45 only!

Physicals of SOLARIA and ASTERIAN will NOT be restocked.

ASTERIAN is expected tor release in early December. The physicals will be shipped in February 2023.


The FAQ on the Eclipsed Sounds website has been updated with a section dedicated to ASTERIAN. This includes a lot of information covered above, but also:

  • ASTERIAN’s main vocal range is E2 to D4, and he has a “pleasant falsetto” from G4 to C5
  • The release date is targeted for December 2nd, and people who have ordered a physical edition will receive their activation code at that time even though physical shipments will not be sent out until February

Pre-orders are now live, and the full character design has been revealed along with a second official demo:


New demo by penelope aveline, with artwork by Pincca!


An interesting choice to do a demo explicitly focusing on a constrained toolset (ie Instant Mode and AI Retakes with no additional adjustment).

I suppose there’s merit to that though, since users of varying skill levels will be able to see what the product can achieve. If all the demos were highly-polished they might not be quite as informative of what’s actually achievable by the average user.

Not to mention Instant Mode is a much faster tuning method which, if it generates a passable result, is likely more appealing to users who use SynthV as a song prototyping tool rather than for the final vocal track.


New demo today! This time it’s “Of The Night” by Derek Spear, with the illustration by Ozumii_Wizard

The demo lists all of ASTERIAN’s Vocal Modes (though they weren’t used in the song itself). He has a total of NINE Vocal Modes, making him currently the AI voice database with the MOST number of Vocal Modes available so far (previously held by Xingchen Infinity and Eleanor Forte, both with 8).

They are known as Clear, Warm, Gentle, Strained, Rough, Open, Closed, Passionate, and Theatrical.


Eclipsed Sounds has posted a short demo showing Asterian’s core and falsetto ranges:


New demo for the Vocal Modes!

A little more about the Lite version: it will be coming in 2023.


Another demo! Asterian releases tonight at midnight EST (4 hours from now). Fulfilment is completed manually so there may be minor delays while emails are sent out.