I want to buy SynthV but do I have any return rights?

I really want this software because of the Kevin voice, and whilst I prefer the interface of Vocaloid, the Kevin voice is fantastic! But sadly, this company doesn’t offer a demo of Pro.

How can I demo Pro with Kevin or if I buy it do I have any cooling-off period?

I don’t want to spend nearly $200 and not have any come back at all with this company.

Thank you

There is no trial of the Pro edition or way to use the paid features without purchasing, and Dreamtonics doesn’t state any return policy on their website.

You should reach out via [email protected] before purchasing to verify, but I would expect that returns are not offered since there is no way for them to remotely deactivate your installation.

If you do decide to proceed with the purchase, there is a bundle of the Pro edition plus one voice database for a 10% discount of both products, which comes to $151.20 with Kevin ([Bundle] Synthesizer V Studio Pro + Any Voice Database - Dreamtonics Store). You also have the option of only purchasing Kevin and using him with the Basic edition.

Thank you, Claire Also yes, reaching out to support is a good idea.