Some questions about the newly released free voice bank 'Mai' for pro owners.

Good day, everyone.

I was wondering if Mai is free for commercial use (just like any other paid voice bank released by dreamtonics), is it free forever or is it subject to change in the future?

I am currently planning to release a music with her voice so I’m needing a bit of clarification. If allowed, what are the protocols, guidelines, and requirements for licensing such music with this voicebank?

I only own the Pro editor, so it’d be nice If don’t need to buy a voicebank for now since I already prefer this particular voice bank.

Big thanks for the dreamtonics team for creating such a brilliant software at an affordable price!

Best regards, Orbis

Edit: Additional background details that might be needed.

I’m just a small time producer, so I imagine it might be different otherwise if we’re talking about million of streams and views? Just wanna add this question as well.

Hi… Welcome to the forum… I’m sure Claire will be able to provide clarification but my uninformed opinion is we have a royalty-free perpetual license.


That is correct, Mai is subject to the same terms as other Dreamtonics voices, which allows for commercial use with no limit on revenue.

You can find the license file in the installation directory for each voice database, and Dreamtonics also provides a web-based version here: Terms | Dreamtonics株式会社


I see, so this is the same read-me agreement I found on the VB installation folder. Thank you for the clarification!