Can seamless vocal mode changes be implemented now?

Since the new Synth V update gave us the ability to switch languages within the same vocal line without having to separate it into different tracks or groups, I was wondering if the same could be done with the vocal modes? Let us choose the vocal modes for each individual note, the same way we can do it for the language. I think it should be possible, and it’s a feature we’ve been requesting for months now. I know the people at Dreamtonics read our comments, so please take this into consideration for the next update.


If I’m being honest, this would be more of a hassle for me than a useful feature as there really isn’t any way to smoothly transition into different vocal modes. Even if we could change vocal modes for each note transitions will still have some sort of choppiness.

Aside from that there is actually a way to use different vocal modes in the same track. Which involves using groups. Here are some photos:

Outside of a Group:

Inside of a Group:

So, we can’t change the vocal modes per note, but we can still change them in one track using groups which is much easier for my workflow. And if you just want one note to have a different vocal mode then just make a group with one note.

I hope this helped! :blush:

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