SYNTH V PRO and Bank Voices - will there be discounts for BLACK FRIDAY - CHRISTMAS 2022?

HELLO to everyone.

I would like to know if during this season or later this year will be any kind of offers/bundles for Synth V pro and voices.

I am really interested on this excellent product and voices so I would like to know about coming price offers or bundles.

Thank you.

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The Dreamtonics Store has only existed since February of this year, so there as never been a sale or discount offered yet (except for the 10% discount for the “Pro + voice” bundle).

ANiCUTE has offered a sale once before, for AiKO’s birthday in April 2021.

AHS has not offered a sale for SynthV products through their own store before, however coupon codes for DLsite do work for AHS products so some users have gotten discounts that way (AH-Software(エーエイチソフトウェア) Brand Profile | Product List [DLsite PC Software]).

The only other discounts that I’m aware of for SynthV products have been pre-order discounts for new releases.


Thank you for your answer Claire.


That’s true. Dlsite gives 30% coupon for new customers, so you can get Synth V PRO for 50 bucks.


Thank you Kosirm


Thanks for posting the link to the DLsite page. On it, it says supported language “Japanese” only. Are there any problems with installing this on my English-language Mac? Obviously I don’t want to change my operating system to Japanese just to save a few $ on Synth V Pro. Thanks!


There is no difference in the application you get by purchasing from DLsite, and SynthV Studio does not require a specific operating system locale.


Thanks for your quick reply—good news. I was a bit worried I would get lost in a sea of Japanese characters and obscure operating system tweaks!

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Will there be any Black Friday discounts for Black Friday 2023?

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There wasn’t a sale last year, so there’s no reason to believe there will be one this year.

AHS products did go on sale on DLsite in December 2022, but there’s no guarantee that’ll happen again.

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I was wondering the same thing. There are discounts on DLsite, but as far as I can see they don’t have all the voice databases. So the SynthVPro+1voice bundle on here ends up being the best option (for myself).