Crashing when changing singers

So I have a file I’ve been working on and off with for a few months now. It’s admittedly a rather large file (6 tracks) with decent amount of data on each line, so that may be the issue here, but it’s still very curious.

There appears to be a strange bug happening where, after Maki was removed as the singer on track 3 and Anri was removed from track 5, I’ve been trying to reapply them and the program just… crashes??? It allows me to remove the singers and edit blank tracks (meaning those without singers) or even the tracks that already had singers on them, but once a track is blank, you can’t apply a vocal to it. You can even put a singer on a blank track, but when you add a single note it crashes. Currently, I’ve removed all the singers and still can’t add any of them to any of the tracks, meaning I’m more or less unable to edit it at all.

I’m using the 1.8.0 beta so that may be the issue but so far, this is the only project with this issue. Would increasing or decreasing the buffer sizes or background threads help, or maybe switching some other setting??

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…me too. Crashing when changing singers.

I haven’t experienced any outright crashes, however I have had the program lock up for a few seconds and show as “not responding” when changing vocalists, as well as sometimes when making changes to the dynamics (loudness/tension parameters, but not pitch deviation). In my case it recovers quickly and I haven’t tried downgrading to 1.7.1 to compare yet though.

Gotten this too. Found that crashes only happen when changing to certain singers (which ones are dependent on the project). You can try looking for a singer who won’t cause the software to crash and then from there switching to the singer you want.