How to activate a disk product without a disk reader?

This has probably been asked a million times or maybe there’s even no solution at all. I bought Akane Aoi and their siblings but didn’t know it was coming in physical form. Though I received it with an activation code, the steps (which are in Japanese) require me to insert a disk provided inside the box to “download” it. But I’m on a fixated tower. It can’t read disks. How am I supposed to do exactly ? I bought this 79€ + 35€ shipping, I clearly don’t want to feel scammed.

Most installers can be downloaded from Dreamtonics by entering your activation key on this page: Dreamtonics Download

However it seems AHS has not made Kotonoha Akane/Aoi available in this way, so this results in an error. If you purchase other voices, try the above method first.

For this situation you have a few options:

I contacted support.
I have no friends that can lend me an usb dvd reader, and no local library. I don’t know what to do aside from that, I was really looking forward this product.

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Depending on where you are located, there may be commercial services that will allow you to copy disks to USB drives.

For example, copying and printing stores (such as The UPS Store) often rent computers on site, or may offer services to copy the CD.

A computer repair shop is also likely to offer such a service.

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