Dreamtronics announcing Xuan Yu and Cong Zheng: New Chinese vocals for Rock Music

Five months after Weina’s teaser, Dreamtonics returns to the Chinese market with a teaser inviting everyone to “listen to new songs together” on November 24 at 16:00 (GMT+8), heralding the arrival of new Chinese vocals.

The teaser continues the Dreamtonics China’s poetic style of expression, but instead of the impressionistic approach of the past, the teaser clearly outlines a picture of the band’s performance, with strings, keyboards, drums and other orchestrations often used by pop or bands, something that has not been seen in any of the five Chinese vocals so far. We can expect this preview to bring vocals to a more stylized or unique direction.

Here is the original teaser and a lightly edited machine translation.



2022 年 11 月 24 日 16 时,Dreamtonics 邀请你一道聆听新的歌声。我们的呼喊在歌里绽放。

Play the strings until the plectrum breaks.
Hitting the keys with force even if the fingertips are numb.
Hammering the drums even if the sticks break.
Singing with all my might, even if my throat cries for blood.

In the spotlight, I look at all beings.
In front of the microphone, all the sounds will avoid me.
I command the notes on the stage.
I’m in charge of the atmosphere when the song starts.

On November 24, 2022 at 16:00, Dreamtonics invites you to listen to a new song. Our shout is in the song.

More details are expected to be updated tomorrow.


Dreamtonics today announced new Chinese vocals: masculine vocal 煊宇(Xuan Yu) and feminine vocal 从铮(Cong Zheng). Xuan Yu and Cong Zheng are positioned as rock singers, this is the first time Dreamtonics has released vocals for a specific type of vocalist for the impression.

Xuan Yu’s Official Demo: 故事太短,余生很长(Too Short Story, Too Long Life)

Cong Zheng’s Official Demo: 荒野的风(The Wind From Wilderness)

In the introduction to the demo, Xuan Yu’s vocals were described as solid and powerful, with a masterful control of his voice, suitable for rock and other rhythmically powerful works, able to bringing layers of rich emotional expression.

With a bright, gutsy tone and a strong, energetic voice, Cong Zheng specializes in songs with strong rhythms and strong orchestration, and is able to maintain the mood and tone of the song with complex vocal details, bringing an emotionally charged vocal performance.

Dreamtonics did not officially announce the exact launch date of the product, but said they will be available in the near future. Their vocal modes are also kept under wraps and not shown in the demo video.


Xuan Yu and Cong Zheng are now released!

Xuan Yu’s Vocal Modes are Soft, Light, Passionate, Solid, and Open (5 total)
Cong Zheng’s Vocal Modes are Gentle, Closed, Vivid, Soft, Solid, Powerful (6 total)

Xuan Yu’s links:


Cong Zheng’s links:



Which one is higher (Ambitus range) XuanYu or Kevin Or An Xiao?