Increase track limit in Basic Studio, or remove the limitation entirely

This may be a controversial request, but this is my opinion as someone who has purchased Pro.

For the past 2 years since SynthV Studio release, we have been enjoying using it because of the superb quality it brings. To make SynthV Studio more accessible to more people, the Studio Basic was (and still is) a great choice for folks who just starting out. At the time, the 3 tracks limitation make sense, as there are not enough features in Pro Studio to make it stand out.

Nowadays, there are a lot of neat features that are only available in Studio Pro, and they’re great. Some even become strong selling points for SynthV Studio. IMO they’re so good to the point if the track limitation in Studio Basic were lifted, people would willing to get Studio Pro just to get MIDI recording, DAW integration via plugin version, AI Retakes, vocal modes, or cross-lingual synthesis. Boosted rendering performance, aspiration and scripting are also Studio Pro-only features that attract a fair amount of user base.

If the idea of lifting track limitation entirely for Studio Basic could hamper the adoption of Studio Pro, then maybe a more relaxing limitation - a minimum 8 tracks limit for example would be ideal for most.


IMO Dreamtonics should rather consider relaxing their very strict license limitations. Being bound to one computer and not even being able to deactivate and then reactivate it on another computer to use it there is very paranoid and not necessarily helpful in attracting a wider audience of potential buyers.


It pops out to me as a shower thought last night too.

Removing track limitation for Basic COULD make Studio Pro licensing limitation more tolerable. You could make your project in Pro, in your main/studio PC, then have them opened in Basic on your travel/gig laptop without getting cut off 6 out of 9 tracks you created in the original project, and have minimal quality impact (assuming voicebanks are installed on both machines, or switch some track voicebanks to Lite). Other Pro features that are used in the project should be readable in Basic but you can only access and edit them in Pro.


on second thought this might require a major rewrite and having Basic and Pro on the same binary/codebase, which could led to exploitable bug/glitch that can be used to pirate the software.

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Is that so? I think that 3 simultaneous activations on different computers is a kind enough limitation already, don’t you think?

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The license allows for 3 uses, but only one activation at a time. The additional 2 uses are to account for hardware failure or accidental loss in the case that you are unable to deactivate.

Some voice databases allow for multiple simultaneous activations (specifically Dreamtonics, Quadimension, and Eclipsed Sounds voices) but the license for the Pro edition of SynthV Studio does not.

The fact that Dreamtonics voices allow for this but SynthV Studio Pro does not is an odd inconsistency, which may be revised at a later date, but as of 1.8.0 the following restriction is still in the license:

8 The license granted by us to the user allows the product to be installed only on one computer. The user shall not install the product on multiple computers with a single license.

9 You may transfer the product to another computer without obtaining a new license. However, you must delete the product completely from any computer on which it is already installed.

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Ok… maybe the 3 simultaneous activations thing is not allowed, but you’re not bound to one computer anyways, if that’s what you said. There’s an option to deactivate the product in the software. After deactivating the product, you can use the same code to activate another instance on a different computer

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Yes, that is correct. The product can be used infinitely as long as it is deactivated properly.

There are a few users who have experienced a strange error message upon trying to activate a second time (even if the first activation was deactivated properly), but as far as I know they’ve been able to resolve this by contacting Dreamtonics support.

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Oh, I have not heard of that issue before, must be a really rare occurrence

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It did not work for me. I had to contact the vendor, and I received a new activation code (the old one was invalidated) in order to be able to move the software to a different computer. It seems to be impossible to keep switching between two computers.

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What did it say when you tried to deactivate, may I ask?

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I believe the error is “This activation code is being used on another device”.

If I were to speculate about the reason for this, it seems likely that some of the early activation codes were incorrectly created with only 1 activation (since one instance I know about was a user who upgraded from the legacy version of SynthV when Studio came out), otherwise it’s unlikely that support would provide a replacement key. It also seems that this error happens mostly with people who purchase from ANiCUTE, so I’d guess that some of these early codes are still present in their “digital inventory”.

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