Suggestion: left click: draw, right click: select

honestly, I found the existence of the two different tools fro drawing/selecting notes quite annoying.
In my DAW (cakewalk) i’m used to click the left mouse button to draw notes in the piano roll, and to hold the right mouse button to select them with the “lasso” tool. then, a single left click on a note select just this note, and a single click on the right button delete just this note. No need to switch between tools or to press buttons… and very straightforward.
in synthV, as for now, if you clikc the right button you have some menu functionality, but I feel it would be much comfortable to use it for editing.


Yes I found this as well… I am used to it now so it no longer bothers me but I certainly felt the same way.

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I use Reaper and I totally agree with the original post. In my workflow, it is very common to select a certain phrase and repeat or transpose it when writing a melody.
I don’t think it would break anything to be able to select notes by right dragging in the piano roll editing tool. Hopefully this will be implemented soon.


We need this funtionality!

Logic Pro user here and I second this opinion. It would be a very handy feature to have.

It’s the Reaper way!

I think what would be even better - just having a fully customizable keyboard and mouse menu. Kanru knows how great this is in Reaper.