Alternative lyrics input method for melismas

Hi team!
I would love to have configurable options for distributing syllables to notes in the piano roll…
The convention in sheet music is to use the - character as in “Mer-ry Christ-mas”.
Likewise, melismas are normally represented using the _ character, like so “ba _ _ _ _ -by”
Don’t get me wrong, the current system is workable, but now since we have MIDI recording, I could easily copy and paste whole sections of lyrics in one go from my notation software! :relaxed:

Thanks for considering!

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My recollection is that the “-” isn’t used to avoid copyright infringement with Vocaloid’s GUI.

Not that Yamaha could claim that the use of the hyphen to separate syllables was unique. VocalWriter - a singing synthesizer for the Apple computer - used the same hyphen notation, and was released in 1998. Vocaloid wasn’t released until 2004.

The main problem with custom options is that these would have to be associated with the .svp file. Otherwise, if you sent the file to someone else, it wouldn’t process it properly. And that would mean extending the file definitions.

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I understand… :wink: One can always hope…