Questions on Xingchen's/MEDIUM5 Voice License

I’ve owned Xingchen (Stardust Infinity) for a while now, recently I’ve been wanting to make songs and stuff, so I went to check the license for not only Xingchen but my other MEDIUM5 (Beijing Photek .ltd) and they’re around the same thing, maybe a little different. But because it was in Chinese, I used a translator (DeepL Translator) to read the license.

What concerns me is this part of the License:

4 Users are obliged to contact Photek voluntarily if they want to use the synthesized sound and the copyrighted images of the characters contained in this product for the following commercial purposes, and Photek will enter into an additional license agreement with the user depending on the use and purpose of the user (depending on the circumstances of the agreement, a license fee may be incurred).

  • A. Use in commercial multimedia video works, including but not limited to advertising videos, web videos, animations, movies, serials, TV shows, games, etc., all acts that can be considered as using the synthesized sound and the copyrighted image of the characters included in the product in the presentation and dissemination.*
  • B. Use in commercial music products that are publicly published and distributed, including but not limited to CDs, DVDs, records, cassettes, MDs, hard disks, flash memories, IC memory cards, and other recorded contents (hereinafter referred to as commercial music products) that are produced and recorded by the corporation itself or by a third party and used for commercial profit, and all acts that can be considered as using the synthesized sound of the product and then making it available to the public or offering it for download. The use of the content for downloading.*


4 用户若有如下商业目的的使用本产品所产出的合成声音与包含的角色著作权形象,皆有义务主动与Photek联系,Photek会根据用户的使用用途与目的,另行与用户签订额外的使用授权协议(视协议情节可能产生授权费用)。

  • A. 商用多媒体影像作品内的使用,包括但不限于广告用影像、网络视频、动画、电影、连续剧、电视节目、游戏等,一切可被认为在呈现表达与传播的行为中使用了本产品的合成声音与包含的角色著作权形象。*
  • B. 公开出版发行销售的商业音乐产品中使用,包括但不限于法人自行或委托第三方制作与录音,且用于商业获利目的的CD、DVD、唱片、录音带、MD、硬盘、闪存、IC记忆卡、以及其它的录音内容(以下并称商业音乐产品)等,一切可被认为在使用本产品的合成声音后公开、或提供收录内容的下载使用。*

If I read and understood correctly, it says that I need to get an extra license from Beijing Photek .ltd to use Xingchen or any MEDIUM5 character in an album/song. This is because I want to make songs, albums, and content in the future with MEDIUM5 vocals and characters, but if I need an extra license to do so then I need to know for sure. If I can get more clarification on this, it would be very helpful.

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Yes, you are required to notify Beijing Photek ([email protected]) before gaining commercial revenue from the use of their products.

For non-corporate use we have seen in the past that there is no need for an additional contract or collection of royalties unless it reaches $50k (link below). The requirement to contact them still applies regardless of revenue though. Beijing Photek does have English-speaking staff, so reaching out via email should be relatively straightforward.