Atrocious performance and voice engine crashing

I’m currently experiencing atrocious performance in Synth V after updating to 1.8.0. I also have no installer to even downgrade. Is anybody else experiencing this? Whenever I try to change or edit anything, it re-renders the entire project. Background threads is also stuck to the setting 0 and changing settings is borked for me. I managed to import the settings from a different synth v basic install by copying setting.xml, but if anybody has a settings.xml that has an entry for background threads I would greatly appreciate a screenshot of it.

All in all it’s very annoying that this is so bugged, and because of the absurd DRM practices I can’t even try it on a different PC without possibly losing access to my purchase. (seriously, I can install it on ONE PC and 3 times EVER???) I will never be buying another Dreamtronics product again, but if anyone could help me salvage this terrible purchasing decision I would greatly appreciate it.

Computer Specs
64 gb of ram
PSU is the energy my Anger and hate generate for terrible DRM practices

When the Power Management is “Power Save”, you cannot adjust the Background Threads, please change it to “Balanced” or “Max Performance”.


Deactivating SynthV Studio and/or the installed voice databases will “refund” one use of the activation code, putting the count back up to 3. You can do this from the License and Updates panel accessible from the right side menu.

You can use the product infinitely as long as you properly deactivate before moving to a different computer.

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How is this the case? I can’t install it a second time, it tells me the license is in use. If I can deactivate it and activate it, then that would mean I could install it once. I’m not quite sure what it means.

This product is amazing, and I’m ok with technical issues on updates, but the management really is just angering me. I don’t mean to come off as abrasive to you either, I appreciate your input and help very much.

Thank you for the reply. Does Max Performance mean “max rendering performance” or “max speed.” I would like to use all resources available to make the editor work faster.

Some other users have also reported similar problems. You should be able to activate on a second computer if you’ve deactivated on the first one (and even in the event of hardware failure, you’re supposed to have 2 spare uses to account for that sort of situation).

I would recommend contacting Dreamtonics about that part, because what you describe is not how things are supposed to work ( [email protected])

It will use more of your computer’s resources to complete tasks faster. “Power save” mode is limiting the speed of tasks to save on battery life (which is not necessary unless using a laptop).

There is also the “render mode” setting, with options for “prefer speed” and “prefer quality”. Selecting “prefer quality” will render in more detail, but be more demanding of your computer’s resources. “Prefer speed” will perform live rendering faster, but at lower quality than a final render.

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Power Management

  • Power Save: Rendering speed is limited throughout.

  • Balanced: Renders at full power in the visible part of the piano roll-up, and limits the rendering speed in other parts to reduce power consumption.

  • Max Performance: Full rendering is used throughout.

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I have the same problem, no crashes but no matter what settings I apply, the editor performance is very slow now. Up to 1 second or more to generate a new AI Pitch retake. I don’t see the need to re-render untouched parts.