the word live is pronounced wrong

tested with SOLARIA and Kevin. The word is pronounced like life.



I hear a soft v rather than an f so they are singing LIVE with a V (rhymes with LIFE). In order to get them to LIVE (as in alive) I would just remove the e, so they sing LIV. Otherwise just use the phonemes ‘.l ih v’. You can add this pronunciation to the dictionary so they sing it this way for all occurrences of LIVE.

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To elaborate, there are two ways to pronounce “Live” and both are correct. You can see both examples if you scroll down on the page you linked (Live Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster) and click the phonetic examples.

Definiton 1 [ˈliv ] is represented as l ih v in Arpabet. This is the form used in phrases such as “I hope you live a long life.”

Definitions 2 and 3 [ˈlīv ] are represented as l ay v in Arpabet. This is the default phoneme mapping in SynthV Studio, and is used in phrases such as “the microphone is live” and “we are broadcasting live from the studio.”

If you want to use the first form as the default in SynthV Studio, as was mentioned above, you can either add a dictionary entry for the alternate mapping or enter “liv” as the note’s lyric.

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Thanks, very good explanation. Would be good to have both alternatives to chose from in the future.

If you use the included bonus dictionary for Solaria you find it as “live2”.
So you may come up with your own variation to distinguish between the two in your dictionary.

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bonus dictionary? I did not know that. Where can I find that or how do I use it?

It is included with the product download if you purchased from the Eclipsed Sounds website.

If you purchased Solaria from the Dreamtonics store you may be able to request the bonus content from [email protected].

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ah, I purchased it at dreamtonics. I will try to contact Eclipsed sounds and ask for that bonus material. Thanks for the tip.