Logic Pro バウンスでBPMが必ずずれる。

Logic Pro、auプラグイン連携でSynthesizer Vを利用すると必ずバウンス時に、楽曲とSynthesizer VのBPMが合わなくなります。(Synthesizer Vの方が速くなる)
また、その後Synthesizer VとLogicの再生ストップの連携が外れ、Synthesizer vがひとりでに歌い続けます。 この問題を早急に解決してほしいです。


When using Synthesizer V with Logic Pro and au plug-in linkage, the BPM of the song and Synthesizer V will not match at the time of bouncing. (Synthesizer V is faster)
Also, after that, Synthesizer V and Logic’s play stop coordination is broken, and Synthesizer v continues singing on its own. “I’d like you to resolve this issue as soon as possible.”


Hi… Have you tried the ‘Sync To Host’ feature?

>Synthesizer VとLogicの再生ストップの連携が外れ、Synthesizer vがひとりでに歌い続けます

I’m not sure about the former problem but the latter is really serious for me.
The same problem happens in my Logic every time after I bounce something.
Please help us!