[Learning] Problems with "Breath" and "Vibrato"

Hello! I listened Solaria Sample Library and I fell in love! I bought the Plugin this week and I’m learning how to use it.
I’m from Argentina, so my English is not the best, I hope you can understand me!

I am currently dealing with 2 things:

  1. Breath deleting automations

Every time I want to add a breath in the middle of a sentence, the note that is created is very long, and it steps on the others. This in itself is not a problem, since I only have to set the start and end of the breath in a free place on the MIDI, but when it steps above other notes, it erases all the automations of this notes, especially the pitch, and it becomes difficult to edit again because it creates pitch peaks that were not there before, and cannot be removed unless you delete the syllable and believe the midi note returned, making you have to automate all the parameters again.

  1. Vibrato

I am following the official tutorials and in this section, when lowering the “depth” of the vibrato, the vibrato is removed from the note, but in my case (Solaria) it does nothing, it continues with the vibrato, and I am editing the vibrato of 1000 midis notes per song, so it consumes me a lot of time. How do you work with vibrato? How can you put a note with 100% vibrato to a 0% vibrato note, without drawing?

VIDEO (0:16): https://youtu.be/KwIWwpoxTiY

Im Working with MacBook Pro M1 MAX, Version 12.5.1, Ableton Live 11.

I hope you can help me! Thanks you

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Both of these behaviors are because of Instant Mode.

Instant mode automatically runs Auto Pitch Tuning on the notes as you add or modify them, so when you add a breath note it tries to adapt to the recent change. AI tuning is situational, it has different results based on the pitch and duration of the current note as well as the notes before and after. This is why adding a breath will change the behavior, because you have also changed the context for the notes in that area by adding more notes.

You can avoid creating very long breaths by using the pencil tool to add the new note instead of double-clicking with the pointer tool, however this will still result in Instant Mode recalculating the pitch.

Regarding vibrato:

When Instant Mode is enabled, there is AI-generated vibrato being used. Notice that the depth of the vibrato in Note Properties is already zero and these sliders are not being used at all.

AI-generated vibrato from Instant Mode is completely separate from the vibrato sliders. You can find more information here:

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Thanks you!

I deactived Instant Mode, but Depth Value of Note Properties still doesnt change the vibrato of the notes already created on instant mode, so i had to delete the notes with IA vibrato that i didnt like.

Another thing is that i tried expresiveness parameter with Instant Mode and without it, and i dont feels any change on the note, the draw of the note reloads but the waveform is the same, and i doesnt hear any changes too. Is that ok?

I checked your profile and you had some guidelines! I will take my time to read all of your guides, do you have any videos or music/projects where you show more of your tips?
Thanks you!

Instead of manually creating the notes you can try these “Add Breath”-scripts: