Synthesizer V JUN: New Masculine English Voice from AUDIOLOGIE

Today, December 11, 2022, is ANRI’s first anniversary! AUDIOLOGIE released an original song for her: " 1NTROSPECTION". In the description, AUDIOLOGIE noted that there would be a new voice library to be announced within the first quarter of 2023. You can also see a silhouette in the PV, which I’ll post here. We otherwise don’t know anything else about this character, such as the gender. We will have to wait and see next year!

Check out the song down below:

EDIT: AUDIOLOGIE updated their site with a “Staff Intro” page. They talk a little more about their upcoming projects. The won’t say what the other one is (whether it’s a new character or something in the works for ANRI or anything like that), but for the one that was teased in this original song, they mentioned that the voice complements well with ANRI. For either project, we can expect something to release within 2023.

Noteable sections put in quote blocks:

Right now, we’re developing two new projects, one of which should be released early next year.

As you heard from Aria, we’re parallel developing some projects right now. We’re pretty much finished with the first one, and working through the rollout plan. I won’t be sharing anymore details but the new singer is a perfect complement to ANRI. Our rollout schedule was hurt by the pandemic but we have budgets for things that we have to get done, regardless of pandemic or not, and that made it very easy for us to allocate funds to up-and-coming projects. Aria’s leading the development on both projects and we’re also working with a junior developer for the wrap-up.


English male vocal JUN is coming in April 2023! Confirmed to have 7 Vocal Modes!

Demo: " Burn So Bright" by RickyJab

Pre-order for digital and physicals here:

Details about his character can be found on the website, including his real name “Juneau Kheang”

He’s up on Taobao now too


Second demo “Outta My Head” is up now and reveals JUN’s 7 Vocal Modes: Dark, Chest, Soul, Power, Light, Tsubaki, and Soft

The following description of each of the 4 modes used in this song was given by AUDIOLOGIE in the song’s upload:

→Dark: Mature and slightly breathy tone (Effective Range: B2-G#4)
→Chest: Meant for energizing lower range songs (Effective Range: F2-A3)
→Soul: Expressive mode that can also change pronunciation (Effective Range: G3-E4)
→Power: The strongest tone, contains all belt samples. Used for higher range and high energy songs (Effective Range: F3-A4)


New demo today for his Soul vocal mode. The release date was updated to Late April. No specific date yet.


Here’s demo #4: An English cover of “Baka Mitai” (or “I’ve Been a Fool”) from the “Yakuza” video games. This one uses his “Chest” Vocal Mode. (Or is it “Soul”? The description has both… maybe a typo?)


WOW! I really like this voice :clap: :wink:

Y’know, given that tsubaki is a Japanese word, I wonder if that vocal mode will end up having to do with JP crosslingual synthesis or something like that. It’s really the only vocal mode that doesn’t have a name that intuitively explains what it does.

Really love Jun’s voice! I’m really impressed with the demos :hushed: can’t wait to see more from him! He’s on my wishlist for sure!

New original song demo today, this time as a duet with ANRI


New demo for his “Dark” vocal mode: “Memories”


New demo today is a cover of “Starry Eyes”


Today’s demo features JUN’s Power and Tsubaki Vocal Modes.

‘Tsubaki’ mode contains a bright tone and data primarily used to improve Japanese pronunciation. Tsubaki is a vocal mode designed specifically for Japanese XLS. In the future, ANRI will receive a similar update. (Effective Range: C3-G4)

So it seems, like Weina and Xingchen Infinity (both having data to improve their Cross-lingual; with Weina taking a step further to be officially described as bilingual), JUN was confirmed to have data that would improve his Japanese Cross-lingual Singing Synthesis.

Explanation for the Vocal Mode name:



Off the usual schedule, but here’s a new demo


New cover demo of “GQ”


New Mandarin crosslingual demo too


So I already have Jun installed and I’ll be working with it already.

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It seems Audiologie has started delivering pre-orders, though I don’t see any public announcement of such other than this reply tweet.

In any case, looks like everyone who pre-ordered should receive their product code before the end of the day, with the main release announcement after delivery is completed.


yep, but it is still version 1 tho … I just received it

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Yes, an update for JUN will be available once 1.9.0 is released, but until then he will not be compatible with the beta features.

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I recieved an email but what was sent to me says it’s for Anri, even though my receipt shows Jun. Anyone else have this issue? Am I missing something?
This is what my email says:

"Registering and downloading your Synthesizer V ANRI AI English Library

IMPORTANT: Please make sure your installation of ANRI is updated to software V104 for use on the most updated version of Synthesizer V Studio."

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