Activation fails with "Please Check your internet connection"


I just purchased and installed Synthesizer V Studio Pro. When it comes to Activation, I first get the message
“Connecting to the activation server”
after a while I get
“Please check your Internet Connection”

I switched off the firewall (Windows 10 Defender), restarted the computer, but still cannot activate. Of course I am connected to the internet.
Since I don’t know the IP of the activation server I cannot check expllicitely if it is reachable.

it’s very annoying, because when I buy something and get it, I want to try it out right away, understandably.

I would appreciate any idea to solve that problem.

Kind regards,

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Have you tried connecting over a VPN?

Thank you for your help. Excuse me for the (potentially) unqualified question: Do I need a VPN account somewhere to activate Synthesizer V? I found that hint in the forum, but I don’t have a VPN account and I could not imagine that this is a usual way to solve the problem.

No, it’s just a common way to get around networking issues. If you aren’t able to try that it’s best you contact Dreamtonics and see if they have any suggestions: [email protected]

Interesting. I have never had such a problem, but activating over VPN (I used ProtonVPN) was the solution indeed.

Thank you very much for your support.

P.S. As I see, you have an interesting homepage. This will definitely be of help to me. :slightly_smiling_face: