Notice: ANiCUTE/Volor email currently unreachable & order fulfillment disrupted [RESOLVED]

I sent an inquiry to Volor the other day (luckily for me, not related to a purchase) and received this error indicating that their mail server is currently inaccessible:


If Volor/Animen is currently unable to receive email, it’s likely they are also unable to fulfil orders or support requests. Based on this Reddit post, it seems there are already some customers not receiving their purchases and even Dreamtonics is unable to contact them.

Until we get more information or some resolution, it’s probably a good idea to avoid purchasing from ANiCUTE.

The Animen webpage ( is also inaccessible so it seems like they forgot(?) to renew their domain.


Thanks for the heads up! Also put up a similar notice on Synthesizer V Wiki. TTwTT/



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Taking this from the Synth V Wiki link, this issue affects the following products. Please note that it does not affect Lite versions as they’re hosted on Dreamtonics or Google Drive and are not distributed via VOLOR’s email

Completely unavailable products:

  • Eleanor Forte AI (including Editor bundle/starter pack)
  • Yamine Renri R2
  • AiKO R2 (including Editor bundle/starter pack along with GENBU R2 and/or Saki Standard)
  • Chiyu R2, Shian R2, Cangqiong R2, + Haiyi R2 4-in-1 voice database bundle (exclusively sold on ANiCUTE. Quadimension does not offer this bundle. Please be mindful that you would need to buy the voices individually this way until VOLOR’s account stabilizes)

Products available on alternative shops (proxy services, like ParcelUp, is recommended for overseas users when shopping from Taobao)

  • Synthesizer V Studio Pro Editor
  • GENBU R2 (including individual Editor bundle/starter pack)
  • Chiyu R2
  • Shian R2
  • Cangqiong R2
  • Haiyi R2
  • Saki Standard (including individual Editor bundle/starter pack)
  • Saki AI (including individual Editor bundle/starter pack)
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Email has been restored!



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Yes, the issue was resolved a week ago. There was a time where both email addresses were not working and Volor/Animen was unable to deliver orders.

The issue was related to the “” domain name, so it affected both [email protected] and [email protected] Both addresses are working now.

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