Does AUDIOLOGIE do sales?

I want to purchase ANRI, but at the same time, given Christmas and New Years being around the corner, I was wondering if I should just wait for a sale…

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It’s probably a bit too early to say for certain, since there are still a few weeks left before Christmas, but I doubt it.

It’s also only been just over a year since ANRI released, so we don’t really have any precident to look back on. If they do decide to have a sale at some point it’ll be difficult or impossible to predict.

The one possibility I can think of is that they might offer a discount related to their upcoming second voice (Unknown voice database from AUDIOLOGIE?), similar to how Eclipsed Sounds is offering a discounted SOLARIA + ASTERIAN bundle, however this is entirely speculation and I wouldn’t expect it to happen.

Historically the only sales for SynthV products have been:

  • AiKO’s birthday sale in April 2021 (40% off)
  • AHS’s current sale on DLsite (20% off)
  • various pre-order discounts and bundles