Feature request subtitle export

The product is missing the ability to export lyrics as subtitles.
e.g. srt format.
This could then be imported to youtube.
At the moment, subtitles have to be defined manually, which is a lot of work.
Subtitles for music videos makes it easier to follow complex lyrics even for none native speakers.
Maybe a setting can be set that will define what lyrics should be combined within one
sentence, e.g. if sung within 300ms, it should be combined.

Thank you!

As a work-around, you can have YouTube auto-generate the subtitles, download the .srt that YouTube created (or whichever of the formats you prefer), and then manually correct the auto-generated lyrics.

Not ideal, but likely easier than doing in from scratch.

I tried auto-generation of YouTube, but it fails miserably. The best way currently is copy and past every single line. An export would allow us to have subtitles similar to the new ABBA songs, where every single word appears exactly when it is sung.