SOLARIA's Spanish Dictionary

So, I’ve heard SOLARIA has a spanish dictionary to help her sing in that language. If I want that dictionary, will I have to buy her? I don’t ever plan to use SOLARIA, and I feel it would be a bit excessive to buy a whole new voicebank I’ll never use just to get one dictionary.

Yes, the bonus downloads are only available to people who purchase Solaria from the Eclipsed Sounds website. It’s considered part of the product.

I believe users who purchase Solaria from the Dreamtonics store can send an email to Eclipsed Sounds to receive the extras, but they are not included in the main download in that case.

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Oh, that’s not good… i guess i’ll just have to wait for another spanish dictionary to be made…

I’m looking to purchase Solaria, and if purchasing from Eclipsed Sounds provides a library to make Spanish easier, then that’s where I want to purchase. However, I went to their website and there is no mention of a Spanish dictionary.

Where is this dictionary installed from?


You will receive the download link for both the voice database and bonus content via email after purchasing.

This includes a variety of things (linked below) including audio, image files, project files for the official demo songs, scripts, and dictionaries.

Keep in mind the non-English dictionaries are only approximate phoneme mappings using the existing supported phonemes in SynthV Studio. The Italian and German dictionaries use the English phonemes, and the Spanish dictionary uses the Japanese phonemes.

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Hey, there is a free Solaria Lite available for download over at Eclipsed Sounds. I had to spring for Kevin or Solaira and since the Lite version was free I use that and it’s good, better than Eleanor, I bought Kevin and am obsessed with that now. but give it a go, it’s free.

I wonder what is different in the lite version compared with the full version.


Lite voice databases are lower quality versions of paid products, which are available for free but have limited functionality.

  • No vocal mode support
  • No cross-lingual support
  • Reduced vocal range
  • Lower quality output (more noise/artifacts)
    • Lite voice databases are restricted to the “Prefer Speed” render mode in the Voice panel

Lite voice databases are subject to the following terms:

  • You may not use the Lite version for commercial purposes
  • You may not publish your work using the Lite version on behalf of an organization
  • If you wish to publish a work creating using the Lite version, you must clearly state the name of the voice database used and the fact that a Lite version is used
  • You should acknowledge that the Lite version does not represent the quality of the full version of the same voice database. Dreamtonics makes no quality or quantity guarantee on the Lite version of a voice database.

(based on this graphic from AHS and the terms stated by Dreamtonics on their download site: index - powered by h5ai v0.29.2 (


Solaria Lite still sounds good though. Better than that Forte chick.

Thank you so much for this information. I purchased Solaria from the Dreamtonics store. I need to figure out how to obtain the dictionaries and bonus from Eclipsed Sounds

You can email them at [email protected].


Thanks for that, I purchased Solaria through the Dreamtonics store, but as speaker and user of Spanish am interested to hear there might be a Spanish Dictioary available somehow.

I send an email to [email protected] as recommended by Claire inquiring about the dictionary and bonus files, got a response in a short time. Very nice and helpful people at eclipsedsounds.