How do I try out SynthV Studio?

Is there a demo voice or a demo setting so I can try this out and see if its good for me. I downloaded a free voice mai but it asked for a serial number. At the moment all I can use is a whistle sound.

Any help appreciated. Been wanting something like this for years.

Mai is only free for people who own the Pro edition.

If you are using exclusively free options, you need SynthV Studio Basic and a “lite” voice, which are available from the same site you got Mai from. (some lite voices are also available from other locations, such as the Eclipsed Sounds website for “Solaria lite”)

Check here for more info:

edit: Now that I’m at my PC, here are links to the Basic edition and the official Google Drive locations for each English “lite” voice:

Solaria lite: SOLARIA Lite - Google ドライブ

Anri lite: ANRI [LITE] - Google ドライブ

Eleanor Forte AI lite: Eleanor Forte AI (Lite) - Google ドライブ


Thanks thats brilliant.

Whats the difference between the lite voices and the paid ones ?

And the difference between the Pro and basic version in simple terms ?

Basic / Pro differences are listed on the store page:

Synthesizer V Studio Basic Synthesizer V Studio Pro
Tracks Up to 3 tracks per project Unlimited
Rendering threads Up to 2 threads Unlimited
Note level Cross-lingual synthesis Not supported English, Japanese, Chinese
Auto Pitch Tuning Fixed pattern Customizable
Auto Ornamentation Not supported Customizable
Aspiration output Not supported Customizable
Note detuning Not supported Supported
Tone Shift parameter Not supported Supported
Scripting Not supported Lua, Javascript
Plugin Not supported VSTi, AudioUnit
Vocal Mode Not supported Supported
AI Retake Not supported Supported
MIDI keyboard support and Metronome Not supported Supported

As for paid vs lite voices, lite voices are lower quality, lack some features (ie, no cross-lingual synthesis or vocal modes), and are subject to the following conditions:

  • You may not use the Lite version for commercial purposes.
  • You may not publish your work using the Lite version on behalf of an organization.
  • If you wish to publish a work created using the Lite version, you should clearly state the name of the voice database used and the fact that a Lite version is used.

Yes I saw that but if you dont know the software you dont know what auto ornamentation is or aspiration output or what vocal mode is or ai retake.

And what does lower quality mean ? Bandwidth, phrasing ?

So far I am very very impressed and very excited.

Auto Ornamentation is an automated task which will break up the notes into smaller parts to introduce pitch deviations. This is sometimes called “note bending” by people who do it manually.

Aspiration Output means you have an option to render the vocal aspiration (breathiness, sibilants, etc.) to a separate track so you can mix them differently in your DAW.

Vocal Mode is a set of sliders available to paid AI voices which modify the behavior of the voice. For example, Solaria has options for Clear, Soft, Airy, Power, Passionate, Solid, and Light.

AI Retakes are a feature that lets you generate multiple different versions of the same note and pick your favorite.

lite voices are “lower quality” in the sense that they have less AI training data, which means they don’t have as realistic transitions and vibrato, and tend to have more noise and narrower vocal range. There are some other nuances here but that’s the main difference.


that is awesome. I shall continue experimenting