Vertical Zoom

I find myself constantly trying to zoom the height of the notes using the mouse wheel or reaching for a zoom key or keypress like in most graphic apps. In Logic Pro this is done with Alt-Mousewheel

I want to be able to zoom in and out on notes in both vertical & horizontal axis.

Am I missing something. I know I can zoom horizontally but need vertical too.

I also know I can change the display magnification.


I guess SV cannot zoom in/out vertically.
Specially, parameter vertical zooming is very important for editing, There are too many circumstances that I need draw the pitch parameter over +/-300 cents. Once I do it, I cannot even select those points that are above 300 or below -300.

This topic is about vertical zoom for the notes in the piano roll, which is not supported.

You can expand the vertical range of the parameter panel with the x2/x4 buttons. For pitch deviation this means a range of up to ±1200 cents.

See more information here:

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