Can anyone give me a guide on how to purchase Stardust from parcelup?

I don’t know if there is a different way to purchase digital items, so I just wanna be safe

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These steps are assuming you’ve already made an account and logged in:

  1. Add the product to your cart (
  2. Go to the cart and click checkout
  3. Pay
  • 1-2 day waiting period due to time zone difference
  1. ParcelUp staff will contact you, they will say something along the lines of “item is a digital product, please confirm delivery address”
  2. Respond with “confirmed, please deliver to (your email address)”
  • 1-2 day waiting period due to time zone difference
  1. Staff will purchase the item for you and provide the email address you told them to Quadimension
  2. Quadimension will email you the activation code and product download link
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Thank you!

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I honestly don’t know why people don’t use Google Translate, make an Alipay account. Link it to your Taobao account & purchase it directly themselves. Not trying to derail the thread here. I’m just saying, it was worth the extra 15 minute hassle to create those accounts & save a few bucks & get almost instant download links…

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The simple answer is because Taobao account creation literally doesn’t work for people in many countries.

Many Chinese websites rely on phone numbers for account registration and login, and depending on the country code for your phone number you may never receive the SMS when you try to sign up. Sure you can get a virtual phone number and use that, but at that point it’s just too many hoops to jump through when you could pay a few dollars extra to use a proxy service.

If it were actually as simple as you suggest there wouldn’t be entire businesses based on providing proxy services.


Understood… I’m in the USA & was able to create all of the proper accounts with my phone & email info.

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