A survey related to the singing voice synthesis

Hello. I’m Charlotte White who one of the member and student in Computer Science.

As a graduation project, I am attempting to implement a singing voice synthesis engine and a Cross-lingual synthesis model with the goal of bringing engineering and art together.

So, I am conducting a survey to justify the project, analyze trends, and determine the future direction to take as a researcher in related fields.

I based this questionnaire on Stack Overflow’s Annual questionnaire, and It wrote in three languages; English, Japanese, and Korean, so that it could be read by a wide range of people. Because I am not fluent in a foreign language, I corrected it with the assistance of a friend, but there may be errors in expression. In terms of privacy, there is no need to be concerned because no personal information is collected other than gender information to determine the user base.

I want to share the analyzed data on my blog so that not only me but also others who are doing similar research and development can benefit, and I also want to create a song synthesis engine that anyone can use based on this.

Thank you, and have a nice Holiday.
Link: https://forms.gle/FTLJcHmCXvEgaw6F9

Regarding the gender question, there was feedback that it was a required item even though they did not want to express it.
So, I add “I don’t want to reveal my gender.”.
If you think even this could be a problem, please give your feedback in the comments.

I expect some people will not want to submit the survey because it asks about their sex. Is it possible to make that question optional?

Originally, I expected that “other” will be selected in that case.
I added “I don’t want to reveal my gender.” as a 4th item.
If even that becomes a problem, I will change it to an optional question later, as you said.
Thank you for your feedback.

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I’d also personally recommend changing the wording of the question from “what is your sex?” to “what is your gender?” so that the wording in the question and added answer line up.
(Adding to that, some of the English text in the survey seems to have some issues with, like, clear wording, I think? I would be happy to help with stuff like proofreading and suggesting clearer wording, if you’d like.)

Thanks for your comments.

  1. The word has been a concern. In Korea, ‘sex’ has a meaning similar to the f-word, so they prefer to use ‘gender’.
    However, ‘sex’ is used in my collage(it is an English collage), so I used it.
  2. Surprisingly, I received a review in the language section through my international student friends. In particular, the difference between ‘it’, ‘this’, and ‘that’ was a characteristic that I couldn’t see in my language, so I had a lot of difficulties. If you tell us about any awkward or uncomfortable sentences, I will recheck them. This will probably be good language practice for me.

Hello, I’m Charlotte White who wrote a post about a survey last year.
I just finalized the analysis so I’m going to share the results: report page and memoir.
To be honest, unlike my expectation and my plan, I failed to get a lot of achievements.
To succeed in the research, maybe I have to study more about how to research and even English.
But to help you out a bit, I created the report page and organized the data for easy viewing.
(Please access on PC or tablet PC.)

I’m really sorry it took so long and thank you for participating in my survey.

Report page