Bounce VST 3 to audio track within Reason 12 not working

Hello. First Id like to say how great it is to have found Synthersizer V, its above overs in many aspects in its quality and function.

I have found an issue regarding bouncing a Mix Channle down to a audio track within Reason 12. It does not produce any audio wave form while in Emvoice it does fine.


SynthV Studio only supports bouncing to files. There is no feature for bouncing directly to a DAW track.

Check your file system and drag the .wav file into your DAW.

Thanks for your reply Claire. I am doing it that way at the moment, rendering it our, but its a bit of a task when you may want to go back and produce some minor iterations to the process. It would be nice if that process could be made more direct.

Emivoice is a simular plugin and hopefully this plugin will have this feature soon.


But the DAW might have a function to convert the output of Synth V (VST) to audio.

Yes, my DAW does have the feature to convert output of a synth and works with Emvoice, but does not with Synthersizer V. I have tried routing it in another ways but no joy so far.

K, so I found a way to do it in Reason, kinda. It prolly is related to the fact that in Bitwig, you have to set it to not trust the plugin for plugin sleeping, but anyways.

  1. Create a new Audio Track for every Mix Channel you have that has Synth V on it.
  2. Enable “Rec Source” for all the Mix Channels that output Synth V audio.
    Screen Shot 2023-01-01 at 9.10.58 AM
  3. Go to each Audio Track, and set it to record from each Mix Channel.
  4. Realtime record your data, and mute the Mix Channels.

This process is kinda annoying, but otherwise, the first N bars of the Synth V output are cut out for me. It’s probably that Reason only supports offline bounce?

Just a update. I got a Pre Sonus 26c interface and it has loopback feature which I can bounce the Synth V down with ease.


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