Glottal Effects - growl and scream for Synth V Gen 2?

I know there has been a comment from Dreamtonics on a future glottal effects feature for growls and screams. Is there any time frame for this? I really love Synth V as a tool, but I would like to be able to explore the rougher side of vocal expressions in addition to the soft and pretty too :slight_smile:
Thinking growly blues, for example…

There has been no more information about this. Dreamtonics doesn’t tend to make their plans public until a feature is ready for release.

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Pure speculation, but I suspect that we’ll get glottal effects implemented via Vocal Modes.

There’s an English male rock voice that should be released Real Soon Now ™. The demo has a bit of growl to it at 0:18. I’m curious to see if it’s “baked into” the vocal, a Vocal Mode effect, or just my ears playing tricks on me: