How soon do you get the installer for program

I recently purchased Synthesizer V and have been charged. But I have not yet received an email with a link to download the installer. It has been 1 day so far since the purchase. How long does it take to get the software?

[Order #4923] (2022-12-28)

Ebony Jones

Which store did you purchase from? The Dreamtonics store and AHS website have automatic fulfillment, however purchases from other stores like ANiCUTE are processed manually by the staff.

Hello Claire,
I purchased it from the Dreamtonics store and with paypal. I received the thank you email for my order, then an email stating that the order was pending, then this morning I received that the payment has been completed and being sent. I know they are 26 hours ahead of me (Miami, FL) but wasn’t sure on the acquiring software aspect.

Thank you for the quick response.

Just checked my account and it appears to be on hold.


The fact that it’s “On Hold” indicates there’s probably some delay related to PayPal. When I’ve purchased from the Dreamtonics store in the past (using a credit card) it’s only taken a few minutes for delivery.

You can try sending an email to [email protected] to get more information about your order.

awesome, thank you Claire for all your assistance :slight_smile:

Looks like a technical issue with automatic fulfillment. I expect they’ll have processed your order manually at this point.

Thank you for the information. The software is still “On Hold”. Hopefully they will release it soon. This is a Christmas present to myself :slightly_smiling_face: