Vocal Ranges

One of the things that always confuses me is that unlike other synthesisers, the vocal range of the vocals within the engine are never released. This is mainly an issue with Dreamtonics vocals and I would love to see the Vocal Ranges either displayed on the website or inside the status box in Synthesizer V Studio.


Some of the Dreamtonics voices have voice types mentioned in the description (“tenor”, “mezzo-soprano”, etc.), however I do feel like the way they use these labels is inconsistent and vague.

It would definitely be preferable if they published more precise ranges like Eclipsed Sounds and AHS do.


I totally agree with you! For a singing synthesis program, you don’t want to be too vague with what you say.


If this feature was added, it’d be so much easier making songs. Mai seems to be entering her falsetto around C5 but that’s all I can really tell.

Dreamtonics please add vocal ranges. I'd love it if you could.

Indeed . . . . I could find no meaningful info on voice range . . …
I’m presently working on a three-part vocal piece. At present I have SVS Basic and Eleanor Forte Lite.
It’s Soprano1 Soprano2 and Alto . . . .
I have lyrics loaded in all three, but the Alto part reverts to La La - so I guess it’s out of range?
The Alto part uses pitches from A (below middle C) up to B (above middle C) . . . .
Perhaps its a limitation of SVS Basic, or Eleanor Forte Lite - or Both?
Is there anything I can do to solve this?
Maybe a different Voice Database is indicated (when I make the jump to Pro?)

Totally agree. I create original songs, so I am free to choose a range perfect for my singer, but it would be easier if I knew her/his range, like in real life.

There is nothing in the software that limits you to a certain range or will prevent you from creating notes outside of a voice database’s optimal range. It’s possible you forgot to save your project.

Lite voice databases definitely have a narrower effective range than their paid counterparts, especially if you’re using a non-AI one.

The main issues with using a voice database outside its effective range are:

  • Increasingly distorted output (non-AI voices)
  • Noisy output (AI voices)
  • Noticeable synthesis artifacts
  • Inconsistent tone

As for official values, AHS and Eclipsed Sounds publish recommended vocal ranges for their voice databases. With Dreamtonics it’s vague and inconsistent, and Voicemith provides the vocal range of the original voice provider, but not Xia Yu Yao herself.

Audiologie has actually posted different recommended ranges for each of JUN’s vocal modes, but I haven’t seen any recommendation for ANRI.

Most of this information is on each voice database’s wiki page (SynthV Wiki | Fandom) and I’ve also tried to consolidate some of the core information here:

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Many thanks Claire for you detailed reply . . . .

I opened the project again - and the Alto part was sounding just fine . . .

I guess I was maybe a bit hasty before and the Live Rendering had not completed?

Anyway - all is well now . . .

Thanks again.