I replaced my CPU with a new one and then all the activations of synthesizer products are disabled, what should I do now?

I just replaced my CPU and the OS has not been changed.
How do I release the serial numbers and reactivate all the products? Thanks!

Welcome, JJskxp

If the old CPU is still functional then maybe you could swap back to it and de-activate the voicebank(s) and SynthV, swap CPU again and you can then re-activate using your original codes (which you will have somewhere safe?)
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Thank you!
But my old CPU doesn’t work any longer :sob:

Is there any way to untie the serial numbers since my OS hasn’t changed :sob:

The products allow the activation code to be used three times in order to allow for hardware failure.

In normal situations, deactivating the product will “refund” one use so the product can be transferred to different computers as many times as necessary.

In the future make sure to deactivate all products before making any changes to hardware, OS, or firmware.

You should still have 2 activations on all your codes. If you have any issues reactivating, contact Dreamtonics ([email protected]).