We Need a Choir voicebank

I already love what this program can do… Now if you can create a nice Choir voicebank with a Children’s Choir and an Adult Choir with a range of 7 to 14 voice parts that actually sound great together and harmonize well, that would be awesome!


That is a really good idea but I would suggest male voice, and female voice choirs as being my choice, with children’s voice being a bit more specialised.
Choirs could be produced with multiple single voice tracks but when I have done that the result seems to be rather lack-lustre - maybe my implementation being at fault. I know harmony is important for a good result and the voicebank alone cannot do that so a couple of tracks would still be required.

I wonder if a script could go some way to producing a choir by duplicating entire tracks and modifying the pitch curves with a small random offset to avoid perfect tracking, leaving just harmony to be sorted out :family_man_woman_girl_boy:

A script would be handy, but I have manually made some very convincing choirs by using additional software (Melodyne and a DAW). I first make the four choir parts with a different singer for each part (Solaria-Soprano, Natalie-Alto, Kevin-Tenor, Asterian-Bass) Then I hit “duplicate track” twice for each part, so there are now three “takes” of each part - a choir of 12 total voices. Then - very important - generate a new take for all the duplicate tracks. This way they sound different and fuller than just a copy, which has a weird phasing effect. Then I experiment with different singers on the three takes of each section. Sometimes the soprano and alto parts have a combination of Solaria and Natalie, or the tenor can have Kevin and Asterian, or Kevin and one of the girls, and the bass can be Asterian and Kevin, etc. I also change the tone of the different takes within a section. The aim is to make each of the three takes sound as different as possible to make it sound like a real choir. Finally, I export all the takes and open them in Melodyne - and can tune them a bit, reduce the vibrato (in one click) if necessary and then you can click each track and select “random variation” which slightly alters either the timing or tuning of each track (or both) just enough to make them work together without any flanging or phasing, and the timing difference makes it sound like a real choir. I open them in my DAW and pan them across the spectrum and add reverb and it sounds very realistic.

If I knew how to make scripts I could automate a lot of this, but I am just learning the program (for about a week) and it is amazing! If someone knows how to make scripts, I can describe in detail what to do and maybe they can help make one?


Currently the scripting API does not have any access to the Tone Shift slider or the AI Retakes feature, and cannot trigger the auto pitch tuning job, so it’s unlikely there’s much that could be done to expedite the process.

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Thanks for the advice Claire. It’s no problem, because doubling voices to make a choir doesn’t take much time at all. Just duplicate the track and change the voice. I have only had the program for about a week, but I have tried mixing the four voices I have in various combinations, and added a bit of harmony, and it is really easy and a lot of fun.

Here is a short example of something I did this morning:



here’s my attempt for choir, using only Kevin and Solaria

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That’s great odhot
Very good work! I think I’ll try something like that (acapella) - thanks for sharing.

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Great guide. Total newbie here - but that all makes sense; and is now on my To Do list to try…

60-Voice Synth-V Choir

Synth-V Choir - Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah

Listen to this! I stacked 60 takes of Solaria, Natalie, Mai, Kevin, Ninezero and Asterian to make a huge choir. Let me know what you think.


I think this is fantastic, maybe the best use of Asterian I have heard so far.
If I were to nit-pick, maybe the girls’ voices at 51 seconds sliding up to pitch clashes a bit with other phrases where they hit a phrase’s leading note spot-on, again at about 2 mins? It sounds to me more like something a small acapella group would do. Other than that, can I get a copy of the audio file anywhere please?

Great job, I love it! Can you clarify the stacked takes? Did you do 10 takes for each voice for a total of 60 takes or literally 60 takes for each voice for a total of 300 takes?

…I added my 2 cents on this subject to a different thread on the same subject…

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