Repost from GitHub: Bundle community' UI translations for each stable release

(Please note that this issue only address languages for the user interface, not the singing languages that SynthV is able to support.)

With Beta release is a thing now, I think it may be a good idea to have all the translation done in Beta phase, and merge into master branch before stable release. Stable release should bundle community translations for easier access for users who want to use SynthV in their native language, as of now the only way to do so is cumbersome - access this repo (or even forks if changes weren’t merged), manually download the translation file, then put them into translations folder

Any changes from Beta to stable release could be announced via an issue, or a comment in merge requests for a given language

That being said, it cannot be done until all of translation merge requested are merged - the translation here are lagged behind actual release for so long despite some contributors constantly update their translation and request upstream merge