Previous Solaria Versions

I used Solaria 1.0 Lite to make a song. I have since I bought SynthV Pro and Solaria 1.08

Unfortunately the vocal sounds completely different with 1.08 Is there a Full version of Solaria I can download that is the same as 1.0 Lite but of the better quality ?


You can still get version 106 (but not 103) from the Dreamtonics download site: Dreamtonics Download

That said, Solaria has only changed in very subtle ways since her release. The updates have added Vocal Modes (optional) and improved dynamics and vibrato, but the actual vocal tone hasn’t changed much.

Thanks I’ll have a go with 1.06

If I play the song with 1.08, it is completely different to 1.0 Lite especially in the low notes.

You can ask Eclipsed Sounds. I purchased SOLARIA from them and they offer four older versions:


Great. Ive sent them an email to ask about it.