Can you duplicate groups in SynthV?

I’ve been aware in a while that SynthV has a feature to allow you to sort notes into groups. The question as for if you can copy/paste groups to different parts of the track came to mind because OpenUtau (a fellow vocal synth program I use) has a feature that allows you to copy/paste note groups while keeping vocal modifications (such as tension, voicing, pitch deviation) intact. Is this also possible in SynthV?

Yes, you can either copy/paste them in the Arrangement panel, or drag them from the Library panel.

Each instance of the same group will remain linked, and any changes to the notes, parameters, or voice settings will be synchronized across them.

If you want to detach an instance of a group from this synchronized behavior, right click on it and select “Dissociate Group”. The dissociated instance will become its own separate group, retain any previous changes made to the group it was a part of, but not synchronize any future changes.


Hey Claire, since you have that image handy, you see where it says “pitch +0” in each group? Is there a way to adjust that?

Sure, once you have multiple instances of a group in the piano roll, click and drag one of them higher or lower without actually “entering” the group (entering the group with the handle at the bottom or by double-clicking would edit the contents of the group instead of introducing a pitch offset).

Once this is done the instance you’ve modified will be offset from the original pitch, but they will still be linked so that changes to parameters, timing, etc. are still synchronized across all instances of that group. This can be useful if there was a key change but the phrases are otherwise identical.


I’ll remember you in my will ;D ty :slight_smile: