Creating harmonies

I want to experiment with harmonies. Do you have a method to generate midi harmonies in a fast and easy way?


there’s a script for that, easy and quick
you may find it here [Script] 4種配布中/4 scripts are being distributed


Cool. This is great thanks.

This script is also an option: Script: Transpose in Key - nocore20201 の #12

I haven’t used both so I’m not sure if there are subtle differences between the two.

It’s good to note that while this is a good way to generate easy harmony layers, often a vocal harmony won’t be exactly the same interval offset from the lead vocal (though they often will be, so it’s not “wrong” to do it this way).

These scripts will offer a good starting point, but once you have an idea of how different intervals sound it can be good to experiment with more “interesting” patterns for some of the harmony layers.


Thanks Claire. I am checking both.